Nov 12 - Dec 10, 2016

Founded in 2013, Hideout has continually brought together divergent strands of art, culture, and nightlife, producing ephemeral exhibitions and parties. It is nomadic by nature, having traveled between Portland, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and Paris. After so much time on the road, Hideout comes home. From November 12 to December 10, Galerie Hideout exhibits the work of fourteen artists in the apartment of curator Johnny Le. In the shared living space, on the top floor of the Catalina Swimwear Building, the art mingles and mixes with the everyday. Built nearly 100 years ago, the Catalina Building has born witness to the shifting landscape of LA. The building has naturally developed alongside its environment, incorporating the changes into its very structure. It is a part of, not apart from, the city. Galerie Hideout embodies this ethos, and the space of the exhibition is always, at the same time, the space of life itself. The events of the vernissage and finissage help bring the artworks to the fore, but in between the divide between art and the everyday elides. It is the making of a resort on the beach beneath the street. And like everything built on the sand, it must one day collapse.

ResortNov 12 - Dec 10, 2016

Artists Miya Ando / Zack Dougherty / Joe Garvey / Arthur Hitchcock / Cherisse Grey / Osang Gwon / Maak Lab / Maia Ruth Lee / Conny Maier / Kazuyuki Matsushita / Alec Recinos / Paul Savovici / Sarah Smiley / Hiroaki Yamane

Audio Ariel Collin Stark-Benz (Mister Green) / Senay Kenfe (Boiler Room)

Food and Beverage Pho Le / Union Wine Co.

CATALINA SWIMWEAR BUILDING 443 South San Pedro Street, Unit 607, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Special Thanks Karla Aguiñiga / Dan Garland / Jimmy Le / Thuong Le / Ken Mishima / Duy Nguyen / Steven Rodriguez / Van Dung Tran