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Paris, France
Apr 11 — 22nd, 2016

Lucky BK, Leigh Burrell, Chaz Bundick, Alex Asher Daniel, Rose Dickson, Jacob Gevalt, Arthur Hitchcock, Keenan Jay, Maak Lab, Joseph Magliaro, Benjamin Parslow, Paige Powell, Max Rippon, Gus Van Sant, Paul Savovici, Kenny Scharf, Suitman, Van Dung Tran, Yué Wu

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Exhibition programming

Olderbrother X Pho Le Pho Wear Pop Up

Olderbrother and Pho Le hosted an eatery pop-up and viewing, with Pho, lovingly produced in a small batch, and collaboratively-designed Pho Wear garments, combining the comfort of warm soup with the intimacy of wabi sabi.
Olderbrother fuses natural processes with playful spirits creating contemporary classics.

Pho Le is a family-run Vietnamese restaurant serving the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area since 1991.

Le CiNéMa Club The Discipline Of D.E., Gus Van Sant, 1982

Le CiNéMa Club is an online cinema that presents one film at a time, screening it for a week, for free. It is based in Paris and New York.
During the week of the Muse exhibition, Le CiNéMa Club presented Gus Van Sant’s 1982 short film The Discipline of Do Easy. The film is based on a short story by William S. Burroughs and tells about an extremely efficient way of doing things.

The Discipline of D.E. screened from lecinemaclub.com onto a wall within the exhibition.

Like Father, Like Son Slideshow Talk

American photographer and sculptor Arthur Hitchcock presents a photography slideshow featuring documentation of the Iowa State Fair in the 90s by his late father Mike Hitchcock.

Arthur’s musing of his father’s absence inspired him to create Awake which was on view at the Muse exhibition.

Security-In-Residence: Matt Beard

American mechanic Matt Beard was our security guard for the Muse exhibition. He has previously been contracted for long-term assignments for high-profile celebrities and musicians.
Equipped with a Fujifilm Instax Wide camera, Matt documented his residency.

Finissage With Rørstad

Artist and producer RØRSTAD is the latest Norwegian musical export. He adds to the wave of interesting and catchy electronic music that has steadily made its way across the Norwegian borders the past few years.
His fresh take on electronic pop is influenced by music ranging from classical music to techno, r’n’b and hip-hop.

Exhibition text
I got home from the party and barely had time to grab a few hours of sleep before rushing off to work. Somehow, I wasn’t tired. I’d picked up the feeling in the club and it had stayed with me. I got off the train at the usual stop, but this time, pushing my way through the throngs of people seemed different. It was reminiscent of last night: drifting through the crowd, grazing arms, exchanging glances, and meeting up with friends. I looked up and thought I saw someone but it turned out I was wrong. I’d been thinking about the night and it bled into the day. Maybe it’s better this way. Something happened, the beat was right, we all felt it, and though it stayed with me, I can’t carry it through to the present. I get to work and as I think back, the night becomes something more in my head: a current that brings me forward.
Before Hesiod could speak of the Gods, creation, or the world, he first had to invoke the Muses. The nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the personification of memory, they provide kings, poets, and musicians with powerful speech, and the ability to enthrall and engage a public. They tell tales of the past—the tragedies, the histories, the heroes—to affect the present. Though the Muses speak and sing, most of all they move. They flow between place and people, and through their continual dance, inspire.

In 1960s’ Paris, Guy Debord, when asked precisely what he does, calmly replied, “I dérive.” An unplanned walk through the city, the dérive replaces rational travel with a subconscious wandering. Rules, laws, and habits are let go, and instead one moves in ways that are allowed, but not encouraged; clearly there, but never made explicit. Nothing changes, but the dérive reinvigorates the everyday. Hideout has been on the move for a while now, in a dérive of its own. In between cities, coasts, and continents, it’s not of any one place. It takes unplanned turns, drawing on past experience and picking up fresh inspiration. Casual hangouts lead to Romantic Art Dinners, and studio visits spark new collaborations. Portland acquaintances become LA friends, who end up at the same art opening in Belleville. Fashion, art, cinema, and nightlife mingle, as Olderbrother, Hideout, Le Cinéma Club with Gus Van Sant, and Pho Le collaborate. The Hideout: Muse art exhibition is on view from April 11 - 22, with the first three days featuring a clothing and Vietnamese eatery pop-up, an artist presentation, a film screening, and a reception and party with a live set by Rørstad on the 13th. Myriad inspirations from art, nightlife, culture, and the everyday flow together, as Hideout acts as a confluence, entwining the many strands into new experiences, moving onward.

Text: Alec Recinos

Special thanks
Zohra Alami, Julien Jack Alda, Mathias Alsterlind, Eric Beard, Morgan Belenguer, Katou Brandsma, Charline Deschamps, Oscar Van Dyck, Olivier Van Dyck, Rose Van Dyck, Jacques Ferté, Gallia Paris, Kamila Gwiazda, Alexander Hertling, Lizzie Kurita, Thomas Lauderdale, Tinh Bui Le, Thuong Le, David Largeaud, Thomas Leculier, David Lestringant, Oliver Lomeli, Olivier Migda, Fabrice Nadjari, Sofia Nebiolo, Steve O’Brien, Pierre Touitou, Christophe Victoor, Andre Walker, family, and friends.


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